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Hypocenter Region S OFF URAKAWA
Origin Time (JST) Aug 10, 2020 19:19:16.52
Latitude 42.150N
Longitude 142.625E
Depth 54.2km
Magnitude 3.9

Hypocenter Map
█ Earthquake Information by AQUA system Mechanism Solution Catalog
An earthquake occurred in/around the "SOUTHERN BOSO PENINSULA" on Aug 10, 09:24 (JST).
- Aug 10, 2020 09:25:08 (JST) Announcement
- Aug 10, 2020 09:29:32 (JST) Update
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█ Notice of Hi-net Past Notice
Mar 02, 2020:  The guidance of the updating user account 2020.
Aug 01, 2019:  Software to show 3D seismic velocity structure beneath Japan renewal
Jun 14, 2019:  Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for Datasets at NIED”Ēs seismograph networks (MOWLAS)
Jan 07, 2015:  We started the continuous waveform data download service for ADEP.
Oct 01, 2014:  We started the continuous waveform data download service for JAMSTEC[DONET1].
█ Recent Large Earthquake
   Aug 06, 2020 (JST)   FAR E OFF IBARAKI PREF   M5.7
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Earthquake Information
Hypocenter Region FAR E OFF IBARAKI PREF
Origin Time (JST) Aug 06, 2020 02:54:03.15
Latitude 36.23N
Longitude 141.68E
Depth 42km
Magnitude 5.7
◤Mechanism Solution Information
Mechanism Solution Information
Plane1 Strike/Dip 248.0˚/18.0˚
Plane2 Strike/Dip 340.9˚/89.0˚
P-Axis Azimuth/Take-off 87.9˚/48.6˚
T-Axis Azimuth/Take-off 233.5˚/46.8˚
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